As many of you in Geekdom may be aware, it recently came to light that certain of our friends in the cosplay community had been compromised by a photographer. This photographer had taken photographs of female cosplayers without their consent whilst they were changing; and then published these pictures on the dark web. We did not know about them until recently, when we received a tip-off via some of the cosplayers and other concerned parties.

This photographer held out to the cosplayers involved; and indeed on his public websites; that he was an official photographer / videographer for Geekfest. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We once again strongly condemn his actions. We are releasing this further public announcement to advise you, our public, that we addressed the photographer’s conduct with our attorneys.

We want to assure the cosplay community that the actions of the photographer were in no way sanctioned by or connected with Geekfest; and that we have taken action against him and shall continue to do so; including demanding in no uncertain terms that he take down any such pictures as he may have posted and destroy any copies, as well as that he should apologise to the community.

We invite any other person who may have further information to approach us.