Hi I am Lüan, I studied ancient cultures at the University of Pretoria for a while as I love learning about the past and different cultures and how their traditions started. Another passion of mine is dance as I’ve been doing Ballroom and Latin for the past 8/9 years and actively compete, and finally doing Warrior Races. My favorite fandom is Disney, I honestly love all the Disney animations, even though they are meant for kids I still love them, and the music in them. People think that just because it’s a kids movie the music isn’t amazing, but when you  really just listen to the music it shows just how great it actually is.

I generally watch Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and Whose Line is it Anyway, but I love old series’ too like Golden Girls, the Drew Carey show and 3rd Rock from the Sun. I have also recently started watching anime, except if you count Avatar, which I’ve heard you shouldn’t. I love “Seven Deadly Sins” and “Danmachi”.

Gaming wise, I love RPG’s like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Original Star wars Battlefront 2, God of War, Uncharted, Call of Duty… Basically anything where you go on a adventure. But my favorites are definitely the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. MMORPG wise I’ve played Star Wars The Old Republic for a while and more recently Fortnite.