Its that time of year to begin preparations for Robowars @ GeekFest . Download the GeekFest Robot Wars Application Form – 2017 and GeekFest Robowars Rules and Regulations – 2017 here.

Entry into the tournament will be R150 per team. Winners will walk away with Glory and Boasting rights, plus a few prizes of course.

This years event wont be as stringent as last year as we know the costs involved in building a robot can be expensive. Sizes of the robots can also vary, so we suggest the following dimensions:

Min: 15cm X 15cm X 10cm (Width X Breadth X Height )
Max: 50cm X 50cm X 40cm

We will do our best to place similar sized robots against each other.

Obviously, due to safety regulations, we cant allow the following Prohibited Weapons:

Spinning Weapons • Radio jamming • High voltage electric discharge • Liquids (glue, oil, water, corrosives…) • Open combustion (fire, explosives…) • Un-tethered projectiles • Lasers above 1 milliwatt • Visual obstruction • Halon- a specific fire extinguishing gas effective as a weapon in stopping internal combustion engines. Note that current rules do not specifically ban Halon as it is no longer commercially available.

Anyone interested in participating this year, please send an email through to